Nathaniel Ogden Kidd

Nathaniel Ogden Kidd is a thinker and writer from the deserts of Colorado.

An intellectual omnivore, Nathaniel is always on the lookout for new and interesting ideas. His Bachelor of Arts degree emphasized the study of Classics and Physics, and his subsequent personal studies revolve around religion, cross-cultural conversation, and Indian film and culture. He is a man in love with the mystery of language, literate in several ancient tongues, and a handful of modern ones. He is also a man about the arts, with a strong interest in iconography and music, particularly traditions of chant.

Broadly versed in Christian traditions, Nathaniel promotes a unique vision of Christian spirituality and practice that is global, historical, and ecumenical. He combines a love for Scripture, theology, ritual, and history with a passion for lived religion, and firmly believes in the relevance of Christian mysticism to contemporary culture and society.

In the long term, Nathaniel sees himself working somewhere along the boundary between faith and education. He intends to pursue a higher theological degree within the next few years. His dream is to start a community that is part college, part monastery, part church, and part farm.

Nathaniel's most recent writing projects include This is God's House, a series of meditations on Shove Chapel at Colorado College, and a short manual on the history and use of prayer beads in Christianity.

Nathaniel is currently on pilgrimage with his wife, Sarah.

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