Road Trip Retrospective

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The Road Trip!


A. September 5—An early start from Redmond, WA, and we’re off!
B. After a long day, we spent the night in Bozeman, Montana in the “Bozeman Inn.” Didn’t make it to Billings, as we were hoping. But Bozeman wasn’t bad.
C. September 6—Another long day, and we spent the night in St. Cloud, Minnesota.
D. September 7—Drove from St. Cloud to Oconomowoc, WI, arriving at Nashotah House just in time for prayers.
September 8 –A restful and inspiring day visiting Nashotah House.
E. September 9 –Took the ferry across Lake Michigan, and stayed with Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bruce in Grand Haven, MI.
September 10 –Had a great day lying low with the Spoelmans. Cooked a nice dinner of eggplant curry and chicken tikka masala, and enjoyed watching the sunset and a stroll on the beach.
F. September 11—Drove from Grand Haven to Aliquippa, and stayed with the Community of Celebration.
September 12 – Stayed with the Community of Celebration. Visited the “uncommon grounds” coffee shop that the community runs, and enjoyed browsing through their library.
G. September 13—Drove from Aliquippa to Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy’s in Redding, CT, by way of the Flight 93 field and the Mobile Chapel.
September 14 – Stayed with the Tebbes in CT.


H. September 15—Visted Holy Cross Greek Orthodox in Boston
I. and then came back down to CT, by way of Rhode Island.
J. September 16—Drove to Stamford, CT, and trained into New York City. Toured the city with Great-Aunt Jean, and met Sarah’s high school friend Sibeal.
K. September 17—Met Mark Epperson on the way out of town. Trained back to Stamford, and drove to


L. Falls Church, VA, where met our friends Dan and Charles. From there we continued on to
M. Sarah’s Grandparents in Fairfax, VA.
September 18 – Stayed with Grandbunny and Grandpa Ken.
N. September 19—Drove up to Essex Fells, NJ, to see Grandbunny’s childhood home.
O. September 20—Drove back to Fairfax.
P. September 21—Went to St. Stephen’s United Methodist with Grandbunny and Grandpa Ken. Went to brunch with Aunt Kathy, her parents, and little cousin Josie. Drove to Williamsburg, VA, to stay with Aunt Kristie.
Q. September 22—Our final US destination—the Richmond International Airport. From there, it’s directly to Delhi! (By way of Chicago.)

Interesting Facts:

Miles Traveled: Approximately 4000
States Traversed: 17
License Plates Spotted:

  • 49 states plus Washington, DC (missing only HI)
  • 5 Canadian provinces

Some observations as we drove:

Montana – There are lots of radio stations available in Montana: there are Christian music stations, Country music stations, Christian Country music stations, and even a radio evangelist thrown in every once in awhile!

Wisconsin – Calling a hill a mountain does not make it one. Installing a chairlift doesn’t, either.

Pennsylvania – Gee, Pennsylvania, how did anyone ever drive safely without your helpful freeway signs reminding us to “Stay Alert” and re-warning us of approaching lane shifts every 500 feet? You changed the way I drove, Pennsylvania.

New Jersey – Nathaniel won Poohsticks when we played in Grover Cleveland Park. He also cheated. (“Did not!” –Nathaniel)

New York – New York City would have been (again) an entirely overwhelming experience if not for our secret weapon… Aunt Jean!

Rhode Island – In a Rhode Island traffic jam, I watched as a beater car behind me took a right and drove straight up the section of grassy hill dividing the road from the off ramp a quarter mile behind us.

Delaware – Delaware is usually a hard license plate to find on roadtrips. We didn’t even see that many in Delaware!

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