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There is a new Indian movie coming out called “Hari Puttar.” Warner Brothers sued for copyright infringement, and lost. The headline in the paper this morning read: “Hari Puttar: The Boy Who Won.”

I got a huge kick out of this paper, by the way. It was something of a cross between E! Magazine, and a college newspaper. There was an article about anti-terrorist measures which included the quote from an interviewee: “Has anyone even tried using the government hotlines? No one answers. What is the point of a hotline?” as well as an article about the discovery that a famous Indian actress can cook, too!

I am having a lot of fun getting to know the culture. Honking is an almost-constant sound, but it is not angry honking, or even emergency honking. It’s just cars calling back and forth to each other. “Hello, I’m here,” “Yep, I see you,” “How’s it going,” etc. At some point (and fairly recently, by the looks of it), someone took the effort to paint dotted and solid (and sometimes double) white lines down the middle of the street. I have yet to discover why.

Between all of the new experiences and the jet lag, I am on sensory overload. It's not overwhelming, though. We have plenty of time to explore this new world. And fortunately, everyone here speaks English, because the only three Hindi phrases I've mastered are: "Hello/Goodbye," "My name is Sarah," and "That man is my husband."


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