Rishikesh, Laxshman Jhula, and Rafting: A Photo Album

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Today we went white-water rafting on the Ganges. It was ridiculously fun, although maybe a little sacrilegious. The scenery was beautiful. We floated serenely through the jungle, watched by monkeys, birds, and some curious villagers.

Besides the scenery, and the presence of monkeys, it wasn’t a lot different than rafting in the U.S. There was the sound of rushing water, the guide yelling, “Pull forward! All together!” and the swells of water crashing around and into the raft. In the middle of the 16km trip, we stopped at a rock outcropping and the guys took turns flinging themselves into the river. We were soaked and happy by the end of the trip.

Here are some pictures from Rishikesh, Laxman Jhula, and the rafting trip! Enjoy…

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