Last Minute Divestment

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On Saturday night, our last evening with Grandbunny and Grandpa Ken, we took out the computer and all sat down to watch our wedding video. Usually we just fast forward through the homily, but Grandbunny was interested in hearing it. It proved a fitting benediction.

“You may be called to do some things that don’t make sense to other people,” Fr. Ken said to us in his wedding message. We all laughed.

Last night we packed our bags for the final time in this country, shedding the last vestiges of our American life. Well, not quite. We still have two large suitcases and two backpacks full of our stuff, and plenty of boxes and bags and sets of plastic drawers with our parents. But we did have to make a few last minute decisions and final tosses. We have so little. And still, it is so much.

Pilgrim Vocation Icon
Pilgrim Vocation Icon

“You know,” Sarah said, “We’re going to India with the same attitude that we used in getting married. We don’t know what’s ahead of us, but we know that we’ll never know everything that’s coming. If we try to plan every single detail and wait until we’re ‘ready,’ we’re really just deluding ourselves.”

And of course, whatever happens, we have support and love in each other.

Our hardest last minute divestment was getting rid of our car. In Sarah’s words: God has opened many doors for us on this journey, but selling the car hasn’t been one of them. We had a buyer semi-lined up through Craigslist, but hadn’t heard from him in a couple of days. We had a buyer previously, but I think we freaked him out by mentioning that we were going abroad, and we were worried that the same thing happened.

So, after talking about it, and agonizing about it a little, and concluding that we couldn’t just leave it in Aunt Kristie’s driveway, we hopped online and clicked “” Filling out their online form was a pretty painless process—hopefully (for our gracious hosts’ sake) pick up will also not be a chore!

Then (naturally) we heard back from our buyer, who was apparently still interested. But we’ve never had particularly good communication with him. He was going to send a check to Virginia, which wouldn’t have helped anybody. So, after a little more agony, we responded “Sorry bud, you had your chance!” And that was that.

Today, I have to stretch to feel like a pilgrim. The pilgrims of old: their situations changed very slowly as they moved forward along the road. You can only walk so fast, after all. After that step over the threshold, the road was the road, one foot fell in front of the other, and the journey proceeded gradually through protracted procession of prayer laced steps.

Today, I feel more like Elijah, called up suddenly into the heavens by a whirlwind of fire, and deposited God knows where. Except that I doubt that Elijah had such a specific idea of his departure time, and I don’t think he needed to spend hours clearing customs and airport security. And the Chariot of Fire probably had better leg room.

Pray for us.

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