Road Trip: Day 1

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And…we’re off!

Summer is behind us, and, after a litany of goodbyes, the pilgrim road before us.

And Nathaniel opened his mouth and prayed, saying,

Gracious God, heavenly Father, you watch over those who are near, and those who are far away. Yours are the hours and the seasons of our lives. Bless us now, O Lord, as we depart, our trust in you, and our longing for your presence. Grant to us safety and peace for the journey; bring us safely to its end, and home again, into your loving arms. Be near, O Jesus, to those we love. May we be always near to their hearts, and they always near ours. Holy Spirit, knit our hearts together in love, transform us and renew us by your presence. Prepare us also for the road ahead, that we may have eyes to see the little things, and ears to hear the quiet things, and supple hearts: responsive to your prompting, eager to attend to your will. Dear Jesus, we love you. Grant us your grace, for your name’s sake, and fulfill our desire to know you more. Amen.

And indeed, we have seen many things already. Our world is stranger and broader than we give it credit for, and something about cruising across seven hundred miles of pavement helps put that in perspective.

Namaste from Bozeman, Montana.

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