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We spent yesterday afternoon and evening, and all of today visiting Nashotah House. Nashotah House is an Anglo-Catholic Episcopal seminary in Wisconsin, on my short list for the graduate school/seminary work I may pursue upon return from India.

The experience has been uplifting, amazing, inspiring, awesome—for both myself and Sarah. It would be difficult for a school to better meet our desires for a formational-educational community environment.

Nashotah is exactly what I have been longing for: a place that honors the life of the mind, but subordinates it to the life of the spirit and the development of the soul.

I have, in my imagination, a perfect college that I fantasize about from time to time. I daydream about what it would be like to live at and study at, work at and teach at this school. Nashotah House (a) matches the description of that school about 90% and (b) beat me to it by about a hundred and fifty years.

In a way, this isn’t surprising: my vision for a healthy Christian community comes, at least in part, from my exposure to ancient monastic models. These models are the common intellectual property of the Church. The winds of Enlightenment sensibility have not blown favorably for such communities; over the last few centuries, they have experienced severe decline. They have not disappeared completely, however, and these days they are beginning, slowly but surely, to reemerge.

In all the directions we can imagine being called by God, a Nashotah experience would serve us well. I sense that this has been the first of many days we will spend at Nashotah House, though at this point it’s hard to tell when we might come back.

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