Indian Stations of the Cross

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This year's Good Friday liturgics emanating from the Vatican featured meditations for the Stations of the Cross written by Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil of Gwahati (India). Besides being a very nice contemporary presentation of the Stations, the wisdom and experience of the Indian Church is beautifully interwoven throughout the text.

Jesus before Pilate -- in Bangalore
Jesus before Pilate — in Bangalore

The Vatican has the whole thing up on their website, accompanied by beautiful icons by a nun from Bangalore.

On a related note, Sunday morning, Sarah and I turned on the TV. Whoever had last watched it had us tuned to a Hindi entertainment channel—and, to our surprise, the first image that popped onto the screen was a man dragging a cross, a look of agony on his beardless face.

"Woah!" we thought, "Some kinda contextual Jesus in an Indian passion play!" — as the man was clearly Indian in his dress and appearance. We were confused a few moments later when a woman ran across the field behind him, tripped, hurt her ankle, and suddenly became the center of attention.

No, it turned out that the guy was actually pulling a plow. Just another Indian soap opera. Way to get our hopes up, Zee TV.

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