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For those of you interested in my (Nathaniel's) ongoing thinking and writing, I've started a new blog: the Oyster Man. The Oyster Man is going to be a miscellany from all the diverse things that I am studying, reading, and thinking about, and updated in proportion to the amount of free time and energy that I have.

Why another blog channel? This project flows out of a need that I feel to be writing about and interacting with new ideas that I am processing in a semi-public format. I think of it as an experiment in blogging ascetics. These particular thoughts did not seem appropriate for the Pilgrim Road forum and format.

I have been doing some work over at the Oyster Man, and I am pleased with the outcome that far. Go check it out!

You can also sign up for email updates.

Just to be clear, however, we are going to be keeping up with this blog for life updates and personal news, as well as our ongoing reflection on our time in India, probably posting around once or twice a month. There will also be links to the Oyster Man on the Pilgrim Road page that should be sufficiently easy to find, in the event that you lose track of this particular post.

Thank you for your patience. The internet is a powerful medium, but the rules and etiquette are still quite fluid and unpredictable.

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