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Some of you may have been wondering what the fate of this website will be now that we have come back to the US. I am glad to report that, while we are no longer traveling in the subcontinent, the pilgrimage is far from over. In the spirit of that ongoing pilgrimage, I have been doing some work over here at our homepage. Here's a quick update on what's new and what's coming up.

India Reflections

Our reflection on our experiences in India is still ongoing. Indeed, who knows if it will ever really be finished! For most of our friends, an hour of conversation and a look through our pictures will satisfy their curiosity. But for us, the journey was a formative experience, and one that will continue to define us and inform our choices and directions.

We've reorganized our India project home page to reflect our ongoing process of thinking through our pilgrimage. We would love your input, and it would bless us to have ongoing conversation about this! You can find our reflections here.

Vision and Vocation

We've come back from India with a (somewhat) clearer sense of who we are and where we are going. The first step is seminary. We have put down our deposit at Nashotah House, and, God willing, we'll be heading there this fall.

In a few days, we will be sending out a letter with a full update and ways that you can support us in prayer. We've also done some work to outline our vision for our season in seminary. You can read more about that and converse with us here.

Contemplating the road ahead.
Contemplating the road ahead.

What to Expect

As we adjust to seminary life in the coming months, we will plan on making an significant update at least once a month, with perhaps a few other updates with photos and for special events. There may be activity in other parts of the site as well, depending on our level of interest and energy.

A Second Blog Channel?

One possibility for upcoming expansion is a second blog channel. I have been doing a fair amount of reading this summer, and some writing as well. But it can take a while to work through new ideas.

I am quite glad I haven't made a lot of attempts at keeping up with this blog through the summer. My thoughts have been oscillating chaotically between a number of very large and not always uplifting topics, due in part to the stresses of our time of transition. While my reading has been interesting, and my thoughts perhaps provocative, and my process possibly instructive, I do not feel that it would have been appropriate to hoist on an unsuspecting digital public.

So, in this coming months, this space will be preserved for mostly personal reflections, while a new channel will likely emerge to discussing the things I have been reading and vignettes on thinking about. More details on this will be forthcoming.

Thank you all for your love and prayers through the last phase of our pilgrimage, thank you for your continued support, and for your anticipated witness to our ongoing journey. We are ever grateful to have such a wonderful extended family in Christ.

Nathaniel and Sarah

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