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In honor of our last Hindi lesson today, I thought I would dedicate a post to our teacher, Robby, and some of the funny things he has said. Enjoy!

Robby walked into the classroom one morning after the election and said conversationally, “So, America has voted! The new president will be Osama!”

A lot of Hollywood movies make it big in India, and there’s really no way of predicting which ones. Robby’s favorite Hollywood flick is one most American men won’t willingly watch: Titanic.

The front of one of Robby’s shirts reads: “The music sounds sweet Rhythmical.” The back says simply, “Rhythmical.”

Another shirt, a sort of old-school varsity sweater reads, “Actice.” We asked him what this one meant, and he said he’d tried to figure it out at first, but had given up. We thought maybe it was a cross between practice and active.

We sometimes have a hard time understanding Robby (especially in his echo-y classroom), but fortunately we are usually able to overcome this with a little effort.

Robby says he has the hardest time with British accents. “There was one man, Britisher, big man, maybe six and a half feet. He had cowboy hat. He come to take lessons. I ask question, and I never understand his answers.” Here, he gives a plausible imitation of British mumbling. “So I tell him, sorry, sorry, I have no time for new students!”

One time, Nathaniel accidentally used the female form of a verb, rather than the male form. He caught his mistake and fixed it, but not before Robby started chuckling. “I don’t know… maybe in America? I think anything is possible in America.” He paused briefly, then asked, “In America… boys marry boys?”

“Uh… yes, sometimes.”

He shook his head, bewildered. “In America, anything is possible.”

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