Saints and Prophets

nathanielkiddnathanielkidd on 17 Feb 2009 06:49

Here’s an interesting question we’ve been throwing around, and I’d love some other opinions on it. What is the difference between a saint and a prophet? Or (to give the question a more personal spin) which would you rather be?

I asked Sarah the latter question, and she replied that she would rather be a saint. “A saint is something that other people call you,” she said, “whereas a prophet a label a person usually gives themselves.” I found this incredibly insightful.

To summarize my own reflections on the subject, the saint is God’s friend, the prophet God’s mouthpiece. The saint is like a candle, a gentle light to the world; the prophet a torch, come to incinerate the established order.

A guy with a beard ponders stuff.
A guy with a beard ponders stuff.

I found myself agreeing with Sarah’s choice. The prophet may be higher profile, but I would rather be a saint.

There are plenty of people today who want to set the established order on fire, and not enough who are satisfied being simple light and heat to the world. In the pressure to be successful, to be visible, to be accepted, a lot of people champion some strange things. I’m not sure if in the spotlight of prophecy I could accurately discern between my voice and God’s voice.

I suppose the true spirit of prophecy is utterly irresistible. But every prophet should be a saint first. If the gentle glow of friendship with God is not hidden within the incendiary momentum of prophecy, then what is the difference between prophecy and terrorism?

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