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This evening after dinner, Nathaniel and I walked down to the Lake Michigan shore to watch the sunset.

We rolled up our pant legs and waded into the shallow water. The water felt wonderful: silky smooth and cool against my skin. It lapped seductively against my ankles until I gave in and, leaving my jeans on the deserted beach, swam towards the sinking sun. I dove under the water as soon as it was deep enough and then floated on my back for awhile, bathing in the late evening glow of the sun and enjoying the sensation of gentle waves against my temples and washing over my body.

When I’d had my fill, I joined Nathaniel on the beach, where we sat on a log and watched as the sky changed color, lighting up wispy clouds on the horizon. And finally, the sun slipped silently into the lake, and we turned to walk back to the house, invigorated and renewed.

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