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Sarah's email : sarah2kidd [at]
Nathaniel's email : nathaniel.kidd [at]

Phone : (208) 875-2534
Skype ID : nathanielandsarah

Mailing Address:
2777 Mission Rd
Nashotah, WI 53058


Our Prayer Requests
Read the Bible with us


To Make a Tax-Deductible Donation

  1. Make your check payable to Nashotah House, with "Bishop Parson's Fund" in the NOTE line
  2. Print, complete and enclose this form.
  3. Mail to Nashotah House Development Office, 2777 Mission Rd, Nashotah, WI 53058

Contact LaRae Bauman in the Nashotah House Development Office with any questions, or to make a donation by phone.
(262) 646-6507

To Give a Personal Gift Online

Use this button to give online through Paypal.


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