Projects are how I interact with the world. I've usually got something new I'm working on independently, even if it doesn't have a practical, tangible, or public incarnation.

I've had a lot of leisure thus far to do amateur projects: that is, paths I follow because I fall in love with the subject. This has been both good and bad. That freedom means the only projects I complete are projects that really deeply move me. Bad because it is easy to become side-tracked when you have no accountability.

For better or for worse, that period of my life seems to be coming to an end. If I don't start convincing people to give me money for doing things, my wife and I will end up hungry in a cardboard box on the side of the road. Although that, too, could be an interesting project … ;-p

These are the things that I have done and dreamed about doing.

Nathaniel's Projects


I love God. I love seeking God. I love talking about God. I love listening to other people talk about God. I love finding beauty in ways of thinking about God that are foreign to me in old books and books written by non-Western people. I love participating in the beautiful rituals of other religious and cultural systems.

I am a Christian, for all the good and bad things this means, because Jesus opened this door for me, and Jesus walks with me. I confess the creeds with the Church, and find nourishment from the Christian tradition. This is, for me, the most beautiful mystery. it is also the starting point of a theology of awe. I strive to listen to all the diverse voices of the world and embrace them with compassion rather than judgment, as Christ opened his arms on the Cross.

My vocation is profoundly, certainly, entirely religious. Now if only I could find a profession…

Liturgiology paper

Shove Chapel book

Attempts at Iconography

Christian Prayer Beads



Studying foreign and ancient languages is a perennial joy of mine. Learning a language is a challenging and engaging process that very fully engages my attention, interest, and free time for passionate bursts.

Ancient Greek

Date: Spring 2003 to Present
Status: I've been studying on and off since my senior year of high school, and am at an acceptable level of proficiency. I can power my way through the New Testament, and feel quite comfortable tutoring and teaching the subject.
Future: I would definitely like to do more of it, will continue studying on my own, and am glad to take students, inasmuch as I can find them. If I end up somewhere with a good Greek program I will take advantage of some of those classes. I hear there's a Biblical languages kibbutz near Jerusalem…


Date: Summer 2003 to 2006
Status: It's a little rusty, but still in there. Besides, reading the Old Testament is TOUGH. Not a big priority at the moment, although I would love to take a Hebrew student.


Date: Summer 2007
Status: Hindi's been on official hiatus this school year, though I have been watching plenty of Bollywood, so it's still in my ear. I should probably put some serious work on it this summer if we're headed to India.


Date: 2004-2005
Status: Not sure if I have the passion to resume this at the moment. Maybe someday…


Date: 1999-2003
Status: Studied in high school. I run into enough Spanish here and there that those wheels stay somewhat greased. It would come back quickly in a Spanish speaking country.

Nathaniel's Dreams

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