Research Journal

We intend to situate ourselves in a place with access to good books and interesting people; perhaps a Christian college or seminary. We have identified several promising candidates in the course of our research.


A significant thrust of this project will be finding interesting people who are willing to talk to us about their understanding of God and their religious practice, asking them good questions, and carefully listening to their responses.


I want to combine writing about the history of a place or community with our own experiences in it: both our adventures, and our prayers. This sort of writing generally falls under the heading of “travel writing,” although I think this angle is particularly unique.

Contemporary Hagiography

Stories of compelling figures of faith have long been a part of the Christian tradition. Even Protestants openly opposed to anything remotely related to the cult of the saints have their heroes of the faith: theologians and missionaries who take big risks and reap big rewards for God and their religion.

Modern historical methods revealed the unsteady factual ground on which many traditional hagiographic accounts were built. The genre began a steady decline around the time of the Enlightenment, and is now mostly dead.

Nevertheless, compelling stories of spiritual heroes and trail-blazers remain powerful inspirational tools. I want to turn my hand to the writing of contemporary hagiography. I want to tell stories of Christian adventurers in a way that captures their spirit, draws lessons and symbols from their life and faith, and provide models to be emulated. Staying accurate to the facts is less of a concern for me then telling a good story with a good message.


Sarah is a skillful photographer, and very much enjoys taking pictures. She will produce a strong inventory of images.


We hope to present our work in three tiers.

  1. A Blog. This will mostly contain sketchy thoughts, clippings from current events, and current “where we are now” type news.
  2. Articles. These will probably cover one particular topic, either out of our key purposes, experiences, or genres mentioned above. Complimented with Sarah’s photographs, they should make stunning additions to either Christian or travel magazines.
  3. Book. A book would interweave elements of history, research, adventure, spirituality, hagiography, and interview.
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