NB: These scribblings and thoughts were composed in the summer of 2008, prior to our departure to India. They are preserved here unedited for archival purposes.

The big question that people ask us is, “What are you going to do in India?”


This question is always a little difficult to answer, because there isn’t really a well-developed category for what we hope to do. There are certain dreams and ideas that motivate us, but they are not easily summed up under a single, simple term.

We hope to learn, to listen, to wander. We hope to gain a better understanding of ourselves by seeing ourselves through the eyes of another culture. We are open to serving, if we are so called. We are open to working, if we find such an opportunity.

But above all, we seek to be present. We don’t want to do anything in India: we simply to be there, and allow that to shape us.

We have a particular interest in the Christian landscape of the country, and doubtless certain Indian Christian landmarks will feature prominently on our itinerary. India has a rich, complicated, and ongoing history of Christian presence and interreligious conversation, to which we hope to be a fly on the wall.

But our primary hope for our year(ish) of travel is to make space for God.

The best word we have found for it is “pilgrimage.” Hearing the call of God, we travel on faith, seeking personal renewal and transformation.

The heroic Christian deeds we talk about in church are often marked by the words “Go and preach.” The words we hear are “Come and see.” Though they are different words, we anticipate that their fulfillment in our lives will be no less harrowing and adventuresome, for answering the call of Jesus is always an impossible adventure.

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