Nathaniel's Favorite Sites


The Daily Office

Mission St. Clare arranges the Morning and Evening prayer from the Book of Common Prayer. I use a lot of different prayer resources, but this one has probably been the most frequently recurring. It is a wonderful service!

Speaking of Faith

Host Krista Tippet shares with us her rare gift of thoughtful, prolonged conversation, respectfully bringing out the very best in all her interviewees, who are adherents all along the spectrum of belief. This program is a gem.


This is a wonderful, wonderful site that brings together many of the materials on Christian chant traditions on the internet. Our wonderful host is so thoughtful as to post things according to the liturgical calender, so the material appears in a timely and helpful fashion. It is an excellent resource to enhance daily prayer.

Sustainable Spirituality Wiki

A project I have been working on, on and off, with my friend Andrew Nelson. We're looking for more contributors, so if you are interested in it, please let us know!

the Oyster Man

My research blog.

Sarah's Favorite Sites



Homestar Runner

Prayer Sites

There's not enough quietness on the internet.


Learn Hindi from Bollywood Films Podcast

This website is an absolute scream. It is impossible to describe the humor with any justice. Just go, and check it out. You might also learn some Hindi. :)

Our Friends

Homeless Souls

Nathaniel's friend and college roommate Jake Anderson put together a book that tells the stories of homeless people he has met around the country, through their pictures and their own words. It's an awesome project!

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