Shove Chapel Book

As the spiritual capstone to my college career, I spent a month prayerfully researching the iconography of Shove Chapel at Colorado College. I recognized intuitively that the building that had absorbed so many of my prayers and songs through my time as a student could not have left me unchanged.

The cover of the [* Shove Chapel book.]
The cover of the Shove Chapel book.

I was not disappointed. Not only did I find Shove Chapel a perfect icon of my spiritual and intellectual growth as an undergraduate, but it was still speaking to me. As I studiously immersed myself in its every curve, line, light, and window, I heard the voices of saints, ancient and modern, challenging me to grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus.

I found in Shove Chapel an incarnation of my prayers. I found a place where God's presence became physically tangible through the amplification of human hands. I came to recognize that place and physicality, realities systematically ignored in our culture, to have deep, profound spiritual significance.

The fruit of these labors, beyond these elements of spiritual progress I have already alluded to, was a short book of meditations on the history, the art, and the architecture of that place. Copies of this book are available through the Chaplains Office of Colorado College. You can download an electronic version by clicking on the image of the book's cover to the left. (Apologies if the link malfunctions. It is externally hosted by Mediafire.)

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