Living Manifestos


The purpose of this page is to produce and index a series of personal reflections on what it means to live a Gospel life in the twenty-first century. These manifestos are works in progress, the product of my process of reading, understanding, and applying Scripture and the Christian tradition in the peculiar cultural and life context I find myself.

This is a chiefly personal process, however, I have chosen to make it public in this medium. This is chiefly for my benefit. The external structure helps to keep me involved in my process, and public thinking helps me to move my Christian intuitions into articulations. The public space, furthermore, helps me to solicit broader feedback and seek accountability from my community on various conclusions that I reach of what it means for me to follow Jesus.

As a lesser purpose for this project, I recognize that this process — and possibly even the conclusions that I reach — may have relevance to others in the course of their spiritual journeys. This is not something that I can cause or control by my own efforts, but rather it is the re-appropriation of the fruits of my own spiritual labors by the Holy Spirit according to His purpose. More tangibly, everything I put together may serve a broader purpose further down the road if it is well-constructed and well-organized. However, this must remain a secondary motivation: I recognize my tendency to obsess over details that I cannot control, or become so bogged down in attempts to build categories and hierarchies that might make my musings more accessible in the future that I stop doing the core work I set out to do.

In this spirit of hopeful humility, I release these reflections into the wild.

The Age of Compacted Soil
Questions that Shape my Faith
Reflections on a Gospel Economic Life

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