Old Stuff

Here are a couple of older projects that I have pulled off of my computer, that are periodically of interest to particular persons. If you find them interesting, I would love your feedback.

The Sleep Writing Project

During High School, I kept myself far too busy. At night, while working on school work on the computer, I would periodically drift in and out of consciousness, and found that I was so high strung that I would continue to write, even as I was asleep. The fragments were more or less coherent, and with a little editing, it fit together rather well. I put some small amount of work into assembling the document. With a little more editing, it may be an enjoyable read, though I don't currently have the time or energy to work through the manuscript. Nevertheless, it may still be of interest to some.

Chess Movie

The Chess Movie is a parody of the sports/high school movie genre. Composed with the encouragement and collaboration of a few friends, the Chess Movie script was another high school project, still occasionally revisited. Although never completed as a project, the script, minus a few edits, is more or less in final form, and remains an enjoyable read.

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