Scriptorium Vitae

The purpose of this page is to lay out, in an organized fashion, different books, authors, and people that have shaped my thinking. It is chiefly for my own use, as an inventory of my internal library. But who knows?

It is also, I might add, under heavy construction.


  • The Bible
  • The Book of Common Prayer
  • The Carmina Gaelica
  • The Way of a Pilgrim

Other Books

  • The Celtic Way of Evangelism
  • Reformed Spirituality


  • JRR Tolkien
  • CS Lewis
  • Os Guinness
  • GK Chesterton
  • James Keifer
  • Robert Webber
  • RF Capon
  • William Dalrymple
  • John Michael Talbot
  • Kallistos Ware
  • Morton Kelsy
  • Sadhu Sundar Singh

Personal Influences:

  • Kenneth Old
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